by winning yesterday the cubs passed the cardinals

and are now a half game out of first place.

blogger just ate my post about la and you know what, thats fine. you should write at least once in the night and what i was writing was so dumb and my favorite town is isla vista anyway.

this is the place though where dreams come true.

tonight let me direct your attention to makeout city who appears to be taking the instapundit head on except instead of focusing on politics and the law, focuses on personal blogs like this one.

where j_e comes up with the time to read all of those blogs and then comment is beyond me.

what i do know is he’s on top of the action and thats why im always very happy when he says something nice about the busblog.

it’ll be interesting to see if makeout city can approach the ridiculously high numbers that gets, but if it worked for one type of reading, i dont see why it wouldnt work for another.

one ten am and my boss isnt coming into work tomorrow.

one twenty five and i just watched the sex pistols on jimmy kimmel.

in a perfect world thered be a sleepy girl whod at this hour would rub her eyes and ask me to go to bed with her.

and id have to type fast

as saturday night live reruns played softly on the giant tv built by hand in japan and right now my true love is with another.

makeout city says that he likes my advice to the kids so heres another one.

when its light, study, when its dark, party.

this answers the questions of “should i wake n bake?”

all depends on what time youre waking up.

if its light, study, when its dark, party.

all your classes are over by 11:30am on tuesdays and thursdays?

study. study hard. the more you want to have lunch with that hot chick or play pinball or anything, read something. and read it right because when it turns night youre going to drink everything in sight.

most of college is spent procrastinating. its spent falling asleep in the library, or going to get frozen yogurt, or talking on the phone, doing everything except studying. and then when people get it together they spend like two hours doing their work super tired and passing out at one thirty.

if you get out of class at 11:30am, take your sandwich to a grassy noll and read till 130pm and youve already beaten everyone in your class. then take a piss. then read till 2:30 and youre the smartest person in the world. then read some more for a different class until 4:30pm and remind yourself that happy hour is coming. then write for a few hours. if you turn on the tv youre an idiot. listen to zepelin floyd and janes addiction.

and after dinner you go show people how its done.

and if youre in islavista heres a bonus tip, bring your own cup and before you leave the house, finish your beer, and turn your cup upside down as you walk down the road.

open container tickets are for frat dudes from uc san diego, not locals.

nate + miss tang + sk smith

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