exclusive interview with atlanta braves starting pitcher russ ortiz

pierce, i hear youre talking shit about me and spreading lies.


whats this shit about my mom not loving me and me being a fan of the red hot chili peppers? since when is that bad.

dumbass, i said that you were down with the clown.


the insane clown posse. i am telling people that you are into the rap metal stylings of the detroit white rappers who dress up in kiss makeup.

but thats so not even true.


so. SO? so what is wrong with you man.

aint nothing wrong with me man, im just writing up a little blog and trying to psyche out the braves.

and whats this crap about me losing a third of my games? ive only lost a fourth of my games.

details details. in your last six games, youve won three and lost two. youre on a downward spiral, trent, and the cubs are going to make mincemeat of you, mouse.

maybe you dont know the history going on here, tony, atlanta swept the Cubs in the 1998 playoffs, few teams have played the Cubs tougher than the Braves over the last decade. Atlanta is 49-35 against Chicago since 1994, and the Cubs haven’t won a season series since 2000.

all the cubs need to do is beat your sweaty ass tonight, mr big talker, and all that bullshit is flushed down the Okefenokee. and russ, you just started playing with the braves this year, so f the past.

f the past? fine, my Braves took three of four in early July against the cubs at wrigley.

big whoop, the cubs split a two-game series in atlanta in july, if they do the same today and tomorrow i bet you right now RIGHT NOW that they dont take no three of four at wrigley in rocktober.

tony, youre so deluded, the ex cub greg maddux is 11-3 against the Cubs, and a perfect 2-0 this year. my boy vinny castilla was 11-of-15 with two homers and 10 RBIs at wrigley. And we destroyed your goldenboy markey prior 9-5 in july 11. he allowed six runs, six hits and walked three in 4 2/3 innings. your cubs are toast.

always thinking about food, fat boy, arent you? cubs arent toast, theyre butter, as in everythings going to happen so smoothly. first your asses removed, just like it always happens in october, and then the gyros. and i bet you get a blister on your finger and dont even get through the first inning.

i hate you tony pierce. you make my feelings hurt.

im sorry russ ortiz.

i know.

no really.

just leave me alone.



i hate the kids + pas longtemps + bitty boo

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