mark prior’s first inning performance against the cardinals

just now inspired me to give you an inning by inning bloggy thing about watching the cubs and the cardinals today, labor day, which means, take it easy day.

after a four and a half hour rain delay, the cubs and cardinals finally get the game started. everyones drunk by now, including myself. the cards’ leadoff hitter makes it to second with two outs and the wind knocks down a for sure homer from albert pujols and after a strike out the cubs’ ace mark prior is out of the inning. cards 0 cubs 0

good old kenny lofton leads off with a double to left and moved over to third with a bunt from newly acquired tony womack that gets stuck in the tall wet infield grass, wild throw almost scores lofton, but instead it’s now first and third, nobody out and hot hitting sammy sosa at bat.

the organ cranks the fans cheer. the infield is back to concede the run. sosa is batting .166 against woody williams who gets ahead in the count 0-1 and then 1-1. sammy fouls off a ball and breaks his bat. no cork. of course no cork. still, the crowd sighs in relief. the count becomes full. runner goes at first, sammy strikes out, no throw to second.

one out moises alou. four hour and seventeen minute rain delay they announce officially. a ball about two feet off the plate gets called a strike. followed by woody williams who hits alou on the wrist near the bottom of the bat. trainer comes out, leaves quickly, no injury.

bases loaded for eric karros batting .294. curveball outside a foot, strike. outside pitch to karros, poked to first baseman tino martinez who throws home, fielders choice at home.

two outs bases loaded for aramis ramirez who has 20 home runs this season. known for bat not glove. curveball five feet outside, ball. long drive to left field sure grand slam, because of the wind, out. cards 0 cubs 0

dirty fez

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