top of the second

scott rolen vs mark prior. 0-2 prior launches a wicked curve ball that somehow rolen gets , sends it to left center, bewilders centerfieleder lofton, rollen to second.

martinez first pitch pop up to left. one out rollen on second. the sun is setting in chicago. the lights are on.

edgar renteria batting .334, big swing on an inside fastball, strike one. 0-6 lifetime against prior. curveball 5 feet outside, ball. renteria is the fourth best hitter in the national league. prior misses three feet high. ball. prior jams him, high pop to right, drifts foul, three cubs after it. rollen tags up. karos tip toes through the wet grass catches the ball near the bullpen area spins and throws weakly to thirdbase, rollen safe standing up.

matt metheny the catcher with two outs goes quickly 0-2. the crowd gets into it. high pitch fouled away. metheny uses a red bat like leadoff hitter vina. check swing, appeal, ball. the curveball looked like a whiffle ball. as if the moisture is beneficial to prior’s movement. it goes to 2-2, jammed him, towering fly to second baseman who squeezes it with two hands. cards 0 cubs 0


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