rosalita says she doesnt like it when i complain

about top secret stuff that she always told me wouldnt happen in a million years because it was too perfect and too right on the money. she has this theory that perfect things rarely happen, that most of the time, even if all parties concerned know that its perfect, people will get all freaked out and forget that its perfect, and they’ll change it so its not perfect any more, and then it probably wont happen at all, and then it dies. then something not at all perfect happens, and then everyone scrambles to fix it from being the opposite of perfect.

i like rosalita. she reminds me of princess kristin pony.

rosalita takes the most wonderful pictures of herself but hasnt let me show any on here unless shes in the background, or in a place where no one would think its her.

i think i would like to meet kristin. she seems cool. i cant believe that ive talked with her for almost a year in email and chat and never met her. youd think that something would have happened, like her school making it to a bowl game, or freak of nature, or something that would have allowed she and i to meet at a party or something here in LA or hollywood, but it never happened. somethings just never happen.

rosalita mostly tells me these things when we’re watching the cubs play like we did yesterday.

she brings a bag of clothes with her when we watch the cubs. she piles in several outfits, one more revealing than the next. as the cubs begin to lose, she changes into skimpier attire. it’s supposed to make me not feel as bad as i would if they lose.

i cant say it doesnt work, cuz its suprisingly effective.

rosalita wants to be my girl, but shes the wrong sign. not every problem is resolved with crotchlessness.

many, but not every.

rosalita is a great kisser. when i kiss her i think that kissing is something that is a natural thing. you cant really teach it, it just is. first time we kissed it was perfect. and every time after only got better.

im starting to think that kissing is like fishing. either you get it the first time and youre great at it, or youre constantly going for it and failing. but its better to have a crappy day fishing than a great day digging a ditch.

i think the same goes for kissing, but ive lost myself in there somewhere.

my supervisor just asked me when i was going to clean up all the blood from our front door.

i told him


the greatest thing ive seen all morning + the best news i’ll see today + mad pony answers their critics

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