this is new york fashion week

so expect lots of pictures of the latest threads being worn in nyc. this week. here.

have i told you that i dont like my job any more?

i dont.

and the thing is i dont go around trashing my jobs, normally. even a long time ago when i was working at the internet company i didnt complain. when i worked at the fbi i didnt complain. when i worked at the shoe store i didnt complain. and when i was the key grip at the porno company i didnt complain.

not on my website, that is.

i complained to my friends and my mom and i grumbled to myself as i played tetris. whathaveyou.

but this morning i was attacked by a guy with a machette. how do you even spell that? but he fully wound up and tried to get me right across the belly.

this is the front door of the what should be Undercover XBI headquarters.

machette man!

now this is after a harrowing bus ride down wilshire with the red light running bus lady who is really cute as fuck, and who, i am not lying to you, really checked out her fingernails at a red light as she revved the 20 UCLA and waited to peel out.

young black girl maybe 23, 24.

attitude for days.

how many people have asked out their busdrivers?

i think i might have to.

if she doesnt kill me first.

so yes, my birthday is october 22. i would like a new job by then. i am getting older than im comfortable being in this job thats meant for young men who either have nothing to lose, or who can take a machette to the utility belt and not crack the guys neck and blow two quick shots through one ear and out the other.

now theres blood all over my third rail devil shirt. and i just used that downey wrinkle remover on it. and it was all not wrinkled.

karisa called me like four times yesterday, drunk as hell in boston. first she called me from fenway, then she called me again from fenway asking if i could see her, she was right behind home plate waving, then she called me from a bar across the street where she would leave and dance in a sprinkler system with her brothers and friends.

then she would call me again in the wee hours as she was about to lay herself to sleep.


softer toned.



you wouldnt think that i would want a new job that would take me away from this so called life, but i do.

october 22

d-lo + megastir + neens

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