sometimes its hard to write when youre happy.

and this blog is really hard to write becuause i cant tell the truth, i dont let myself bitch all the times that i want/need to bitch, and i dont let myself raise my fists in triumph when im stoked.

so lets talk about the first place cubbies.

lets talk about the hotties who came over yesterday.

lets talk about the hottie who spent the night with me and then took me to mcdonalds this morning on sunset and vine and who let me keep my hand on her leg that was all soft and miniskirted.

lets talk about her convertible jaguar and the howard stern on the radio and the news of warren zevons death which we just turned down for a sec cuz everything was going well and there were smiles everyone smiles everywhere.

sometimes it’s hard to write about the happy days and sometimes you just have to try.

one of my old girlfriends tracked me down this weekend and i didnt remember her new last name and weve been out of touch for years and she said that she liked my “work” and that i was a sexy beast and that she had an old journal of mine and i wanted to say keep it so i did. cuz i had a feeling it was her because i dont give old journals to too many people.

this gurl i gave all of my first editions to. all of my poetry books i numbered and i gave her #1 for each of them. and that journal was actually a novel i tried to write in college about the crazy life that we lead there full of sex drugs rock and instead it should have just been about her because it would have been more of all of those.

and it might have gotten finished.

i miss my old pal and i am looking forward to catching up with her.

all i know is that my body is pleased, my tummy is pleased, my heart is happy, my eyes are bright and i even though its monday i am actually looking forward to fighting a little crime today.

how often does that happen.

so this one is for warren zevon who went to the second LA Blogger meeting ever. and i honored him by leaving him alone.

nice job on getting your cd out weeks before you ascended to the Good Place.

give my best to jimi and kurdt and babe ruth.

your pal,


blog critics has covered zevon better than anyone + pablo

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