have i ever told you that i have the greatest friends?

i do.

most of my friends are hot, or talented, or fun, or smart and some are several of these in one.

some are just rich.

some have eclectic wine collections.

some put on dazzling fireworks displays.

some come over to my house only to leave their sweat pants behind in not-so-clever manuevers to come back over to my pad in order to see me again.

not carlisa. carlisa is smarter than that, and cool, and has a dazzling fireworks cadre, and a hot sister, and a hot tub, and a hot company, and shes hot too, which is neither here nor there because she has a hook shot that will shut you down if youre trying to play one-on-one against her in the heat of the val.

her company, pink cookies, kicks ass, just like she does, and she has revamped her site to better represent all that she and her two sexy cohorts churn out in their magical wonderland.

so check it

on the new pink cookies site, you will see new airbrush designs on tshirts that say such saucy things like “fresh baked daily”, short shorts that say “bootyful”, and now she even worked out a deal with a hollywood blvd shoe store and you my friend, you can order those very shoes off the web for up to a 35% discount.

all because you have read the busblog.

just another service that we’re giving mankind.

cuz we love you.

pink cookies

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