this is a tough day for the busblog

cuz i dont write about sad things very often.

theres a few ways for this blog to approach this day. i could just totally ignore it, i could totally be sad, i could totally try to instill hope and some fucked up silver lining.

i could remind you that Bush Knew.

i could write an open letter to the evil doers and call them pussies, etc.

i could remind you that the $75 billion or whatever the bill is for the cowboy vengefullness hasnt really made anyone feel any safer or brought any of the accused to “justice.”

i could talk about the strength of american resolve.

i could write about how we’re all one people.

i could quote bob marley. ghandi. angus young.

i could just write about the cubs and ignore the day in a fit of apathy to those who wanted to gain attention in their sick little way.

i could write more about the madpony girls.

i could tell you about how we had a big meeting this morning here at the xbi as to whether or not we should just take this day off and especially ground chopper one since the skies might not be so friendly since the feds are probably keeping a closer eye on air travel today.

but i think im going to write instead about this family i saw on the subway today.

cute mexican family. mom with a tiny little 4 month old, and a three year old. dad with a four year old. young parents. no baby stroller.

everyone was smiling. 4 yr old saying bye to everyone as they got ready to get off the subway.

baby just smiling and smiling.

and then he touched me with his little baby hand.

and it felt great.

i think im going to write about that today.

go cubs.

happy birthday chris!

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