i kept telling you it was bound to happen

the mad pony girls have made the big time.

linked as a blog of note on the main page of blogger.com, probably the most difficult and therefore most important hyperlink on the entire blogosphere, not to mention recognition from the creators of the medium.

nice damn job, ladies.

special congratulations needs to go out to kristin who kept the madpony phenomenon going when Shewhodoesnotpost chose to involve herself in highschool wrestling, flirting with inmates, and winning blue ribbons with her trusty bugsy.

kristin kept the site going despite her responsibilites at the sorority house and the panhellenic council, despite her job at the crazy shoe store, despite going to europe, and despite being a straight a student.

madpony.com is upbeat, wholesome, goofy fun. a look inside the lives of two nice girls who just want to dance. thats all.

you wont see any harsh words for anyone else on the web, you wont find pouting or wishlists, ads, slutty webcam shots, or links to xrated sites.

recently the blogfather himself, the instapundit, has been mentioning the oklahomans more than a few times which led to being permanently hyperlinked, and finally the insights of lauren and kristin were shared with the mainstream.

just in time for college football season.

and now blogger itself has issued the ultimate shout out.

how cool is that.

maybe this will inspire lauren to write a little more.

maybe it will inspire kristin to do more photo essays.

maybe it means we will finally get to meet the mythological mad pony, the namesake him/her self.

last years interview with lauren + kristin’s european photo essay + dc

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