top of the eighth

cairo batting for the first time. prior still on the mound. 1-1 fly ball lazy to sammy in right. one out.

sammy tells the bleach bums theres only one out. vina up. its eight thirty pm in chicago, single to left. eight thirty and the game tomorrow is at noon, i wonder if the players will go out for some drinks. my guess is yes. especially the cubs.

palmerio is 1-3 today, two balls. kerry robinson on deck. he hit the walk off homer in st. louis last week. ball three to orlando. prior has 120 pitches. larry rothchild the cubs pitching coach is on the phone. the bullpen stirs. strike one. kyle farnsworth with the 98 mph heat gets up. ball four.

robinson is up. the catcher to the mound. now rothchild. now the ump. the ump wants to go out tonight. one strike to robinson. now two. two men on one out, 0-2. if this was any other lousy place theyd be doing the wave. no wave at wrigley. outside, just missed. 1-2. crazy sinking curve, swinging, missing, seventh k.

so taguchi is up. yes thats how you spell it. japanese. 19 abs this year. little fella. long long shirt sleeves. wears stripes on his socks hung low. 1-1 now ball low 2-1. my back hurts. i need a laptop. so fouls it off. imagine what i could do if i didnt have to work for a living. the crowd gets riled up. no wave. fouled off by my man so. 2-2, two outs. will he throw a strike? yes, theres that wicked curve over the plate that just rainbows over. he swings but where do you swing?

eight strike outs for prior. cards 0 cubs 7

jeff jarvis and the buzz machine

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