bottom of the seventh

prior hitting for himself drives the second pitch up the middle for his second hit of the game.

top of the order up. lofton a hit to left. prior to second. theyre going all the way which is why we’re doing this. tonight was the turn around.

bo hart comes in at short for the cards.

womack brings it to 1-1. 1-2 after a foul ball. before mlb held up the cubs when they had an interim mayor after harold washington was shot there wouldnt have been lights at wrigley meaning this game wouldnt be going on right now becasue of the dark clouds. and even though the cubs are winning this big big game it would be ok with me if i never happened if it meant no lights at wrigley. womack strikes out.

sammy drives it deep to left but that wind only will let one homer tonight. its a long out.

38, 400 fans at the game. alou sends it to a full count. first and second the runners will be off with the pitch. line drive to pujols in deep left. cards 0 cubs 7

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