top of the seventh and prior is still out there

cubs have a terrible bullpen. former yankee tino martinez takes the second pitch gently to left for one out.

edgar renteria comes up. hes 0-2 in this game. very dark skinned. wears red puma shoes. clean shaven. 80 mph curve in the dirt. 81 curve over the outside corner for a strike. swings, misses, fifth strikeout for prior. he has 190 ks this season. third in the NL. kerry wood is leads the league.

matheny goes 0-2 in the blink of a lash. crowd on their feet. 113th pitch gets matheney swinging at ghosts.

steve cochran and his kids sing “take me out to the ball game.”

the kids ask the cubs to get some runs, but theyve given you seven.


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