top of the sixth albert pujols leads off

best hitter in baseball. 2-2. pujols has a 6-game hitting streak, the count goes full. dusty baker is the cubs manager. he managed san francisco for years. tony larussa managed the oakland a’s for years, hes the cardinal manager. 95 mph fastball goes foul. i could really use some chocolate. popped foul, eric karros near the catcher out. one out.

edmonds takes it to 2-0 and then 3-0. prior has looked like the balls were wet all day. high ball four. second walk for prior. rolen who has made two errors is up next.

rolen 1-1. prior has to be close to 100 pitches. groundball to second, to short and over to first, 4-6-3 the pitchers best friend and the cardinals are done. cards 0 cubs 6

alfred has my back.

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