bottom of the fifth

sammy sends a screamer through short for a single on the first pitch.

alou goes 1-2. cubs play st. lous, milwaukee and montreal, montreal games will be played in puerto rico. why cant i be going there? 2-2- to alou, shot to right, sosa around second, edmonds isnt throwing, then he is, good throw to third but it pulls the thirdbaseman off a few feet, sammy chugging long slide, dont break your leg sammy, safe at third. alou to second with a double.

1-1 to karros. slow curve over the plate, strike looking 1-2. karros waits for the pitch then asks for time. karros wears batting gloves. fouled off. why on earth would i want to be going to work tomorrow. drive through second barely touched by vina, sammy scores, alou rounds third but holds up, throw to the plate no body was running. crowd cheers, cubs score their first run.

runners at the corners nobody out for aramis ramirez. curve ball down and low, ball one. how many pitches does woody williams have. foul off behind the cards dugout. it says welcome to the friendly confines of wrigley field on it. ball two. 2-1. theyre holding karos on at first. 3-1 bottom of the 5th. that was williams’ 100th pitch, thank you. full count to ramirez. jeff faserro takes his jacket off in the lackidazical st. louis dugout. ball four to ramirez.

dave duncan slowly comes out of the dugout to get his bullpen going. theres no outs, bases full. the umpire allows a good long talk. faserro is a lefty. williams stays in the game. martinez up bases loaded. sinker low, 1-0. williams has 14 wins. ball two. williams won his 14th game 7 games ago. long foul to right. theyre clapping lets go cubs. martinez sends it through the hole between third and short, one run scores. bases loaded karros on third. damian miller up. miller is two for two, long drive to right almost over his head, out, karos tags, third run scored. cards 0 cubs 3.

one out for mark prior with runners at the corners. a nice fly ball would do the trick. takes the second pitch for a strike, 0-2, check bunt, appealed, ball. 1-2 to the cub cy young candidate the second year phenom mark prior, base hit over the shortstop, run scores for prior, what a great swing. thats it for williams.

10 hits in four and a third with two strike outs for woody williams. former cub jeff fassero will come in to relieve. cards 0 cubs 3 we’re still in the fifth.

lofton check swing to rolen, takes a bad hop off his chest bounces past the mound, run scores, its called an error.

fassero against womack now. first and second with one out and sammy on deck. strike one. cubs are up 5 zip. too eager swing on the second pitch makes it 0-2. lefty vs lefty. same pitch this time in the dirt. ball one. 1-2. high and outside evens it up. cubs fans hate the cardinals. cards lead the league in blown saves with 27. ball low, full count. sammy sosa is known for his home runs, hes on deck. that means hes next. slicing ball to left, its fair! womack with a double, 6-0. cubs have batted around. sammy is up. the wet crowd cheers.

sammy takes the first strike. hes batting .297 with 31 homers. catcher sets up inside, sammy pulls it foul. 82 mph left handed sweeping curve strikes sammy out in slow mo. two outs. alou first pitch pops up to right. two men left, but six scored after 11 cubs went to bat. cardinals 0 cubs 6.

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