what good is having heroes

if youre not going to be inspired by them, to the point of changing your behavior.

i wonder if playboy could use a blog.

of course they could, but i wonder what sort of blog they could really use.

i know the sort of blog i would like to read on playboy.

i would like to know day by day the process of putting together one of the most famous and interesting magazines ever.

i would be interested in reading about the mostly daily goings on in and out of the most famous private home in california.

and i think we are all curious on just how it is that hugh hefner could be living so large in the twilight of his fascinating career.

just like people, i think magazines and institutions have an uncomfortable struggle when talking about themselves.

but, come on, the playboy story and the hugh hefner story should be cake for the right writer(s) to document every day, as the pictures, and the comics, and the interviews one could get would be unlike anywhere else on the web.

and i think most men would probably do it simply for free room and board.

cubs lost today.

cards and stros won.

got to talk and chat with some very cool people.

tsar even sent me an email.

all ages show this friday night at the henry fonda theatre.

la has many mansions.

aint no bad dude + i want you to blog + sean

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