ever feel like you just cant do it?

super hot chicks surrounded me last night. a few started asking me about my future. i dont see any future. not in a sad way, just in an honest way.

one chick had all these great ideas for me but it was like how some dogs look good in hats and some dogs look stupid in hats. guess which dog i am.

one chick said how come you just dont write all these people and tell them that you want to write for them, and i thought cuz i would end up with the job and look like a dog in a sweater. id try to stick my tongue out and play it off but i would still be someones bitch in a sweater.

some dogs look good in capes. i wouldnt mind wearing a cape for the right place.

dear playboy,

please let me write a blog for you.



all they show on tv here in LA are the fires. all this girl said last night was no. and sometimes she does that to be funny or coy or whatever, sometimes she means it. i can never figure out which one.

i wanted to just be there in the moment, forget about things like fires and futures and sweaters and hats.

i wanted to think about the lakers and how dominant they were against the super stacked mavericks from dallas but instead i thought about how super stacked this girl was and i asked her if i could do something and she said no and i said can i do something else and she said no and giggled and i felt slightly defeated and put my head back down on the pillow and listened to the bad boys two soundtrack and wondered when i was ever gonna grow up.

most dogs will just shake off the hat and run around with it dangling upsidedown from their collars.

they just want to be naked

n free.

n normal.

n loyal.

if anyone knows, dogs do, that time flies seven times faster than people really think.

and for the record, she didnt say no all night

or all morning.

melting dolls + low culture + mist + budgie

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