anyone see weezer on the factor last night

it was sweet.

major props to my man mc brown who called me to tell me that there was a 1am showing incase i was incompacitated and couldnt catch it at the 8pm deal

whatever, the sweetest girl is sex chatting with me and suddenly im not depressed any more.

shes calling me her hero.

some dude called me that the other day too.

how on earth am i anyones damn hero?

all i do is complain that i dont like my job, and write a bunch of crap on here, and steal pictures, and misssssplllll and talk shit about shit i dont know.

and dream.

i dont even rhyme any more.

once again: whatever. shes into me. thats all that matters. it might be a big bogus lie, but its a beautiful one. and i would much rather people lie by telling me that they love me and want me and will make sexy collegegirl sex with me than people who will lie and say they dont like my lies.

the skies are orange and dusty and coughy and bad today. the sun is trying to say hi to me but it cant see me.

here i am sun, im wearing my cubs away hat, the one my truest gave me.

tonight im going to watch the lakers with my buddy tom from way back in the day.

his band was called Rogue Cheddar

they used to suck but then over night they got better.

people compared them to the pixies, but they rocked harder than the pixies.

i miss rogue cheddar.

matt welch + bunsen + layne

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