busses went on strike this morning.

subways too. so the cute cuban girl spent the night with me and woke up early to take my blogging ass to work.

people were still waiting at the busstops playing with their change. not a lot of people. just enough.

we passed by striking grocery store workers and we honked. i raised my fist and yelled out “union forever!” and they said whooooo right back at me. its foggy in LA. its cold in the day. its warm in the afternoon. its crazy here. the cubs are going to the world series tonight.

and youre sending me there.

solomon dropped off my upgraded computer. its fast as hell. its clean. its like how i feel after a nice shower and a hot tub dip and a roll in the hay and some rum and a nice light eyed girl in clean sheets and whats that smell oh its brownies. you made brownies? yep. that oven works? sure.

went to bed early. went to sleep late. i had a mixed cd that after each song she’d whisper, i have to steal this cd. i consider that a compliment.

im so excited nervous excited nervous excited freaked out nervous happy about mark prior taking on the fish at wrigley tonight that i barely ate anything last night. just some soup. just some soda. just a scoop of icing. then bed.

then prayers. dear Lord please let the cubs win tonight. please let them. please let mark prior be mark prior for just a few more games. three games max. let sammy connect and be patient. let randall simon only swing at strikes. let aramis ramirez catch the ground balls and throw them accurately to first. let the marlins run themselves out of contention. let our bullpen skate by. let the fans of chicago, the cubs fans, the forgotten people, the worthy tribe, let them celebrate tonight on the corner of clark and addison and on waveland and on sheffield. let the people spill out of the cubby bear and down the street past the billy goat. let murphys bleachers rock when they raise that white w flag. let the fire trucks ring their bells and the children dance into the night.

dear Lord let the cubs get into the world series tonight.


i love you.

i called my mom and my sister and pretty much every old girlfriend i had except a few. i took a shower, i flipped around tivo. i talked to the gas company. i talked to my true loves answering machines. i talked to karisa who is stoked who wants to go with me to wrigley and we talked about whether we could be friends if the red sox and the cubs were facing off against each other and we realized that we didnt know if we could be friends.

one of us would be so sad. one of us would say how could we make it this far just to have our heart broke. one of us would fly back to hollywood with a tshirt that said league champs that is the saddest shirt cuz it means you lost the world series. one of us would have to pose in a bikini on the cover of maxim. one of us would have to wait until next year, which meant never.

if the red sox made it to the world series and lost to the cubs and if i was a red sox fan i would cry.

if the red sox beat the cubs in the world series and the cubs didnt have a bench clearing brawl that included doing to pedro what zim wanted to do but was short of breath i would cry. me and the cuban babe reviewed that game, that yankee game of sunday, and pedro was throwing a good three feet inside. it was sad.

do you know i love you? i do. if you dont donate i’ll still love you. dont feel guilty. this isnt about that. this is about asking and shall receiving. this is about an experiment in blogging. this is about a study in paypaling. this is about a pair of tickets that are now over two grand and i have raised sixty six bucks. oh wait, two people have flowed twenty bucks each! thank you tom and david!

thank yooooooooooooooou!

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