the cubs are going to win the world series.

everything is upside down right now. arnold is my governor. rush is a drug addict. karl malone is a laker. the grocery store is on strike, the bus is on strike, you can say fuck on tv now.

im not saying i deserve to see the cubs in the world series, or that this cub team is one of the finest ever, or that there arent more important things to be rallying around than getting my ass back where it belongs in the bleachers of wrigley field. but im going. i called my mom today and told her. i called my sister and told her. i told my boss and my bosses boss and pretty much everyone i talked to. i told karisa that if the red sox make it then i’ll take her, and thats when my sister called up and said that she has enough air miles to send me and karisa out there and back for free.

im going to the world series and so are the cubs.

on my damn birthday.

and of course i know that asking for money is a dirty thing and uncomfortable and weird and you know what, not for me. and it isnt any of those things when i give it either. i would definitely flow my favorite bloggers twenty bones for their birthday especially if it would help them get bleacher seats to their favorite team in the fall classic. why not? if i really liked him id even think about forty. wtf afterall.

right now the tickets are going for over $1,500. i think it’s worth it. if i was truly 110 years old, this would be maybe the fourth world series i would have ever seen at wrigley. but im not 110 and the cubs arent really all that great, other than a few guys, so this might not happen again. which makes me think that two grand for those tickets might be worth it. a hundred people flowing twenty bucks? that could be done.

great part is, it has to happen in two and a half days.

people talk to me about the web and blogging and i tell them that magic can happen on the web in a way it cant anywhere else. and i mean in lots of ways.

before blogging the cubs totally sucked. now look at them.

thank you, internet.

and thank you instahangover + xtracyx + katie hall + joh3n, and jack! we are now at $66. excellent start!

you people sent me to aruba a little more than a year ago, and ive been thanking you for that for a long time. in a year i dont think youd say that ive slacked off. im going to this damn game. im going to take pictures and have stories for you, and i will blog from my mommas house and show you pictures of my niece, my sister, all her damn animals, the fans of chicago, the married with children fountain, the tribune building, the sears tower, the united center, the new soldier field, the town that i grew up in, and so much more. and maybe even your girl k*. so flow till it hurts and tell all your friends.

and pray that my work doesnt fire me. cuz im going. if i have to drink beers across the street at the cubby bear, im going. but id rather be in the bleachers. and id rather be there cuz of you.

go red sox.

go cubs.

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