elvis did a lot of great things

but his first novel wasnt x rated.

somehow i found a link to the national novel writing month november deal and signed up.

fuck people who write novels.

i barely have enough attention to read a novel or two a year, only way im going to be able to write one

in a month

is make it dirty enough to keep me interested.

month of scorpio.


i have a very hard time writing at night. this would be good exercise. this will be good exercise.

i also have a hard time writing about sex on my blog. i dont know why.

i admire all the people who can do it, but i cant. for some dumb reason im always afraid that if i ever do get a job with a high tech company again or one where id get to write, id get googled and found out, and not get the gig.


this one will be undercover.

just a little secret between you and me.

a dirty little


funny ass

american novel

about life in america

working at mcdonalds

and banging cheerleaders.

what else am i gonna do in november?

im watching the pilot of the new fox series called skin

its about two families: the d.a, his wife and their virgin “teenage” son; and the porno mogul, his wife, and their super hot virgin “teenage” daughter.

sadly, its awful.

each line is delivered so seriously and humorlessly and not in the least bit sexy.

it wants to be scarface and miami vice and alias and the sopranos and nypd blue but instead all it is is a waste of a great idea.

of course in the pilot the son and daughter of the different families meet and fall in love without knowing who their daddys are, and of course the moms and dads demand that they break up immediately and of course theyre torn

im not allowed to see you any more.


because your father arrested my father and embarrased my whole family over nothing!

fuck tv writers.

even my laziest monkeys dont bring that shit to me unless its some fucked up monkeyjoke.

you know what they said during their fight? the super hot virgin alleged sixteen year old chick who sorta looks like a porn star, and the perfect skinned son of the d.a. which rhymes with gay

he said go to hell

she said you first

quentin made an amazingly violent and bloody movie that in two weeks has grossed $42 million. it opened at number one and last week slipped to number two

the remake of the texas chainsaw massacre made $28 million

so if i wanted to please people id write about ultraviolence

and not sex

but violence is the easiest thing to write about

and film

and do

being sexy however

well, then we’re back at elvis again.

nanowrimo + sk smith + raymis novel would kick mine

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