even though im a deeply religious man

when it comes to the cubbies i can be quite superstitious. blame it on baseball.

last night i was wearing one of my favorite shirts, a beastie boys basketball reversible short sleeve. it says something like Tony’s Barbershop or something, i dont know. i do know that karisa has the exact same one. but i look better in it than she does so she doesnt sport it as much.

anyway, it was the perfect shirt for last night watching the game because, as you know the cubs didnt score for the first four innings despite filling the bases a few times.

so when whalen went to the bathroom i got up and reversed my shirt and also closed the window shade. anything to change things up.

and as you know the cubs responded with four big runs that inning and everything went great.

youre welcome.

so now i havent shaved since the cubs clinched this weekend. im wearing the same hat. im trying to do the same things. i invited the same people over. if need be i will order the same pizzas (one sausage and peperoni for us, one pineapple extra cheese for the cubfans who aint here), drink the same beer (mgd) and drink the same rum (bacardi light).

ive even arranged to have the same girl come over after the game and do the same stuff to each other.

anything that needs to be done will be done, and if things arent working out i will adjust.

but tonight i might not to do much adjusting as carlos zambrano, the personality of the cubs pitching staff, climbs the mound at turner field.

funny thing about turner field. as you may know Ted Turner the owner of the braves is also the brains behind CNN and TBS. when he got the olympic committee to pay for his $250 million park he had a lot of people he could name the sparkling new park after: brave great and home run king Hank Aaron, georgia native president Jimmy Carter, or even atlanta-native Martin Luther King Jr.

but ted decided to name it after his favorite person instead.


karmas a bitch.

watch zambrano shut out teds braves in the field that shoulda been named after a brotha.

jeff p. mcmanus + happy belated birthday, libra

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