youre not going to just show up and sweep the atlanta braves.

not when youre leaving men on base, not when dave veres is on the mound, not when randall simons on the basepath, not when sammy sosa is that close to a homer but not a homer, and not when youre giving up 400 foot doubles to noname secondbasemen like mark derosa.

the bad news is the cubs lost.

the good news is they only have to win two games and hey, lookit, the next two games are in the friendly confines of wrigley field.

and the best news is mark prior will be pitching, and he pitches for the cubs.

the team of dustiny.

the team doomed to get into the second round against frisco, who also lost today

also to make the ratings better

also the Team That Shouldnt Be.

still that doesnt mean that im not depressed and confused and frustrated and uptight cuz i didnt even know what channel the game was going to be on until way too late.

still that doesnt mean that im not mad at myself for not praying to the lord above last night to help the cubs win tonight and instead floated away to zzzzland in the arms of the hottest cheerleader in east hollywood. forgetting my priorities. lost in the heat of the moment. drunk in the euphoria of recent victory.

so now the boys go back north where they belong for two games that will be loud and historic and full of energy like baseball hasnt seen in a mighty long time.

and they will go back knowing that they can beat this braves team and they can even do it on the road. if they have to. which they might have to. but they wont have to.

unless they have to.

but they wont.

cuz they’ll stop going to dumb dave veres. excardinal. and secret enemy.

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