heres what i have to say to the boston redsox and the oakland a’s

and since i know that everyone in major league baseball reads the busblog, you both better listen up.

personally i dont care which one of you wins because youre american leaguers and i poop on you and your girlie dh rule.

but which ever one of you wins you MUST beat the yankees and heres why.

my heart is with the red sox, and specificially their fans. if theres anyone who understands the plight of sox fans, its cub fans who have had it hard, but not as painful as you because you have gotten closer and youve had to deal with the f’in yankees the whole time.

but if the red sox beat the a’s and lose to the yankees, i will hate the red sox, maybe forever.

let me explain.

the cubs are going to the world series. done deal. case closed. game over. no frickin fish, no black guys named pierre, and no 72 year old manager are going to get in the way of dustiny.

so i want either the red sox to get in there so that one of us can end our curse, or i want the a’s to win so i can rent a car and drive up to oaktown and be there when the cubs deliver to all of us which is rightfully ours: total mlb dominance.

if the red sox win and then lose to the yankees, i will put the curse of the busblog on the sox. sorry, but it will have to be done.

if the billy beane a’s win and lose to the yankees, i will put the curse of the busblog on the a’s.

again, im sorry, but i get serious when we’re talking about the cubs in the world series.

i might have to quit my job.

i might have to move to chicago for a little while.

i might have to continue to lose my mind.

but whoever wins this afternoons game must beat the yankees. do you hear me? do you hear me now?

whoever wins, must continue to win, until they play the cubs in the world series THEN you are allowed to lose.

good luck.

play ball.

mc brown + matt welch + ken layne

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