theres a dumbass trying to give the madpony girls a hard

time, but he’s just jealous of their popularity, gorgeousness, and wealth.

sad thing about snipers out there is theyre so sad. this guy is trying to appear cooler-than-thou with his mommy’s thesaurus, but people who hide behind three dollar words usually dont have anything to say in the first place.

and after careful examination of his digs at the chicks, basically his only gripe is that theyre being… girls.

the madpony page doesnt need any defense from the busblog. it’s fine on its own. and it figures that the dude doesnt give a link to his blog because hes probably got some very shameful things on there.

what worries me is that one of the thousands of readers to madponys site might reconsider making their own blog one day in fear that asswipes like bro might come out of the woodwork as soon as their site starts getting popular.

all i can tell you, bloggers-to-be, is that the world does have its fair share of dipshits, and theyre bound to come at you when people like blogger list you as something Good. my advice is to ignore them. dont link them. dont call them by name.

if they leave something wack in your comments, delete it right away. ban them if you can. especially if they dont have a blog.

i hate snipers.

snipers are gutless and it doesnt suprise me that this one is picking on girls.

snipers dont realize that even if what they are saying is true for them, most of the times its done rudely, and that sort of classlessness might turn off an otherwise important blogger.

he lies and says that hes reading Plath. what if she lived today? what if she was a young woman who wanted to play around with this idea of writing, and what if she saw the annoying abuse dumbasses like snipers do to innocent people.

i bet she wouldnt make her writing public and might even stop writing all together. both which would be a huge loss to the blogging community, the web, and to people who seriously do like to read good writing.

now, are the madpony girls churning out plath? no. and theyre not trying to. theyre trying to be light and fun. and theyre succeeding.

what snipers dont think about, cuz they dont think, is that madpony’s readers are the ones that the negative crap influences. kristin and lauren are confident, together girls with a great family, and obviously the brains to know that morons will take easy shots at them for 1) being in a sorority (heavens!) 2) having a horse (sinners!) 3) being “rich” (since thats a crime) 4) being hot (if only we all had those problems) and 5) being popular (something dude probably has never experienced, which is why his best friend’s name is roget).

the sad thing is there are young people out there who dont have half of those things going for them who want some of those things but will be afraid to write about their lives honestly in fear that dillweeds will try to make them feel bad for being themselves.

interesting that he didnt go after me.

probably knew hed get destroyed.

oh well, keep picking fights with highschoolers and sorority girls, dude.

when you make your way to men, let me know.

in the meantime, if you want to be helpful, not that anyone is asking for help, but send an email. otherwise you out yourself as being the ass that you’re coming off as being.

<3 madpony <3

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