i could tell you about the bad day im having at work

or i could write about writing. i think i know which youd prefer to hear about, so lets rock.

i look at blogging the same way i do about tv. it should be free to the normal person. the companies should pay the writer. i dont think thats a difficult concept and i dont care if its never happened before in blogging. lots of things never happened before in blogging and if theres one blog that does its best to bring new concepts to this incredibly new medium, its me.

photo essays the way i do them are new to the web and even though ive been doing them over Two years now, nobody else does them regularly because theyre not easy to do. plus you need to have a hosted web site, and people who have hosted web sites dont seem interested in photo essays, oh well. maybe theyre afraid that people will think theyre stealing from me.

steal away, people. in fact i dare you. make a better photo essay than me. to be quite honest as a voracious reader of blogs, i would love to see more photo essays out there and i always get a kick out of people giving me the proper props when they do borrow from me in one way or another.

the photo essay, i think, would be the easiest way for a sponsor to get a click-through. there could be a banner ad on the top of the page, or a huge ad at the end.

and text ads, as google has shown, can be just as effective, especially when they come across as subtle.

god i could use a diet dr. pepper right now.

nascar is a good example of how fans loyal to a particular driver will frequent the drivers’s sponsor more often because the fan + driver + sponsor relationship is such a close-knit one.

if the busblog was sponsored by cadillac, for instance, not only would i talk about how i drove my caddy to this place or that place, but odds are Awareness of caddys would increase among my readers as being something that truly isnt just for granddads and gangsta rappers.

i could go on and on about how corporations could and should take advantage of blogger and the medium, but i dont want to give away all my secrets.

plus i just got a diet dr. pepper and its treating me so good.

tastes just like regular doctor pepper.

and only has one calorie.

wait, NO calories.

you know friends, ive lost near 10 pounds this year from changing over to diet sodas, i mean diet dr pepper.

ten pounds.

and i dont exercise. at all.

ok, i gotta go back out there and save some lives.

cubs will sweep the marlins this weekend and clinch it on sunday.

cadillac + dr. pepper + xm radio + tivo, my love

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