when Rush gets caught doing drugs,

he calls it medication and runs and hides to rehab only After the national enquirer outs his fat flabby two faced druggie ass.


“I need to tell you today that part of what you have heard and read in the past week is correct. I am addicted to prescription pain medication.

“I first started taking prescription pain killers five, six years ago when my doctor prescribed them to treat post-surgical pain following spinal surgery. Unfortunately, the surgery was unsuccessful and I continued to have severe pain in my lower back and also in my neck now due to two herniated discs — pain which I’m still experiencing because of that. Rather than opt for additional surgery for these conditions, I chose to treat the pain with prescribed medication, and this medication turned out to be highly addictive.

“Over the past several years I’ve tried to break my dependence on pain pills and in fact I’ve twice checked myself into medical facilities in an attempt to do so. But I recently agreed with my doctor about the next steps. So. Immediately following this broadcast, I will check myself into a treatment center for the next 30 days to once and for all break the hold that this highly-addictive medication has on me.

“The show will continue during this time, of course. There will be an array of guest hosts that you’ve come to know and respect sitting here. I’m not making any excuses and I don’t intend to……….[[re other famous people who have undergone treatment]] I want you to know that I’m no role model and I refuse to let anybody think that I’m doing something heroic here or doing something great here when there are people that you have never heard of…[who] just face it.

“They are the role models if anybody in this is a role model. I’m not a victim and I’m not going to portray myself as a victim…I take full responsibility for this problem.

“At the present time, the authorities are conducting an investigation. I have been asked to limit my public comments until this investigation is complete.

“So I’m only going to say that the stories you’ve read — the stories you’ve heard — contain inaccuracies and distortions, and I’m going to clear those up when I am finally free to speak about them………..I deeply appreciate the overwhelming support that you have extended to me.

“It literally has sustained me, but it doesn’t fool me. It is what it is.

“I take it for what it is, and I appreciate it more than I will ever be able to express to you.

“But now I want to ask for your prayers, because when this is all over with I look forward — actually it’s never going to be all over with, that’s something I know.

“But, nevertheless, I look forward to resuming our excursions into broadcast excellence together, again, as soon as possible.”

– Rush Limbaugh 10/10

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