i keep forgetting about the devil.

of Course he doesnt want me to be happy during the month of love. of Course he wants me to be distracted while the greatest storybook ending of a baseball season comes to its utterly delicious climax.

of Course he wants me to focus on the things that i dont have instead of the overflowing riches that i do have and have had for a damn long time.

sometimes the angels in my life have to take a few days off and cant whisper in my ear that im the luckiest man alive, and that im not as bad as the demons say i am, and that i can do some things good, and there is a future for a nutcase like me, and that life is beautiful, and that the cubs are going to win the world series and its going to happen this year the year of the miracle.

time magazine probably wont do it and newsweek wont either, but instead of making arnold the man of the year it ought to be a brotha named dusty cuz dusty took a far less talented cubs team and this weekend will get them into the world series, something that hasnt happened since dubya dubya two. and he did it with dudes like alex gonzales and randall simon. and did it without corey patterson or a $140 million payroll.

i noticed that fox showed the guy in new york singing God Bless America during the seventh inning stretch last night, a tradition that has gone on in yankee stadium since right after 9/11, and its emotional and touching, but 9/11 happened over two years ago, buddies, either its time to move on or its time to Also show the guest celeb singer who leads the wrigley faithful in take me out to the ball game during the seventh inning at the friendly confines.

cuz thats also entertainment, and more importantly, a much much longer baseball and cub tradition.

went to bed early last night but not before wishing my true love a happy weekend as she jets off to vegas to spend a girls-only weekend with her sister and it was then that i remembered how many angels are among us.

this morning i saw two little kids who were probably in first grade. both of them were being accompanied by their dads. both of them had huge cardboard signs hanging on their little frames strung with yarn. on the outside of the signs were their homework assignments, and inside the signs were papers with shapes like “rectangle” and “square.”

next to me sat a little junior high school korean girl who had homemade flashcards written on paper that she had cut out herself. not 3×5 cards. cut paper.

as president i promise you that instead of spending a hundred billion dollars in a war over oil, school children who quiz themselves on a city bus on their way to class will be provided with as many 3×5 cards as their little hearts desire.

kerry wood will shut out the fish tonight in miami.

i love being linked in foreign languages + sheila + raspil iverson

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