tsar is playing tonight.

shonen knife is playing tonight. the cubs are playing tonight. life is alive tonight.

its friday night in rocktober. this is the time when dreams come true. this is the time when we get to see what we can do. tonight also seems to be a night of choices.

what will i do if the cubs are playing when tsar is ready to rock the knitting factory in hollywood, just feet away from the simpsons’s star on the hollywood walk of fame? i will watch the cubs play, thats what i will do.

the cubs are the rockstars of my youth. tsar is simply my favorite band of all.

all the playoff games that the cubs have won, except one, they have done so while the lead singer of my favorite band sat on my couch and watched the game with me.

tonight, unfortunately, he has made the choice to follow through on his commitment to rock and attend his own concert instead of helping dustiny take place in south florida.

we all have to make tough choices, i suppose, and i wonder what i would do if i had a great band who were playing at the same time as the cubs played in the playoffs.

i guess i would have to have a tv on stage with me.

once i saw sonic youth in ’91 and they had a tv on stage with them that i swore they were going to destroy but instead of that they simply turned it on right at the end of their set and let ted koppels “nightline” echo into the mic sending out feedback that blended perfectly with the barbed wire kisses from their creaming amps.

once i saw elvis costello in ’86 and he had a tv on stage allegedly showing lou reed via satelitte. elvis had a go go cage on one side featuring his wife at the time, the long legged cait o’riordan. on the other side he had a little bar with three stools and a tv. during the show he would bring members of the audience on stage and allow them to spin a wheel that had song titles on it. when the wheel stopped, the band played the song and the audience member was allowed to either dance with cait, or sit at the bar and watch lou reed on television.

tonight i am going to watch my beloved chicago cubs on television.

it’s october tenth and did you hear what i just said, im going to watch my beloved chicago cubs on television.

my apologies to my favorite band, who i love almost as much.

if only the knitting factory had a $5 webcast of the tsar show, but i guess that would be too much to ask in 2003.

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