probably the coolest thing i have ever been a part of

marrying bonnie and charlie

dearly beloved,

we are gathered here in the presence of Love to join this man and this woman into Holy matrimony.

The Good Book considers the act of marriage as mirroring that to the relationship that God has with humankind.

There will be ups and downs, highs and lows, good days and bad days, but He has promised to always be there for us, just like a commited married couple will always be there for each other.

for ever and ever.

and ever.

and ever.

and ever



Charlie and Bonnie met in an idyllic penisula, a paradise of earthly delights and kindred spirits.

anyone who was present in santa barbara and particularilly at the Daily Nexus can bear witness that something magical buzzed through the air at that time.

so it’s not suprising that along with all the breakthroughs and miracles that bonnie and charlie experienced, they were also blessed with friendships that have lasted to this very day,

and a love that will go on


todays ceremony is simply an extension of a romance that has already spanned time, dimension, country codes, and hairstyles.

it’s a stepping stone on a long journey that these two have walked together for more than a decade.

Some of you might not know that their very first date thirteen years ago looked a lot like today: all their friends were around them, everyone was dressed up, a band of well dressed gentlemen were about to play original music, there might have been a bottle of wine somewhere

the-first-dance--large-msg-17361-3or two.

Bonnie looked a little different in that she had purple red rocker hair,

and Charlie was sporting a bowl hair cut

very nicely.

And like today, there was some more of that magic buzzing around, except this afternoon we understand why.

its cuz a new stepping stone is being laid down today

right before our eyes.

in thinking about what to say this afternoon, I thought about all the best rock songs with the word love in it.

Let my love open the door

all you need is love

cant help falling in love with you

but none of those lyrics seemed totally right when describing this union.

The best sort of love is the one that has always been there,

that has stood the test of time,

that’s there when the sun comes up

and when the sun goes down.

you look at it and it just looks right,

it sounds right,

is right.

it’s something deeper than could be expressed in a music video

or written down on a folder during homeroom.

It’s a complete journey, but a special one,

for the best ones have a romantic and improbable beginning,

a spectacular and beautiful middle

and no end.

do you charlie, take bonnie to be your lawfully wedded wife

to have and to hold

in sickness and in heath

to love and to cherish

for richer or poorer

in bad times and good

till death do you part?

and bonnie?

do you take charlie to be your lawfully wedded husband

to have and to hold

in sickness and in heath

to love and to cherish

for richer or poorer

in bad times and good

till death do you part?

I have these rings,

symbols of your commitment to each other.

Charlie please take this ring and place it on Bonnies finger

Bonnie please take this ring and place it on Charlies finger.

and now on behalf of the friends and family who have come here

from around the world

I pronounce you man and wife.

pictures + more pictures + photo by mc brown

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