i will be making a special announcement TONIGHT on the radio.

loves me

virginia hawthorne, of virginiaanne.blogspot.com was kind enough to invite me on her college radio show and i will do my best to make the most of the night.

and hey, kristin of madpony.com will also be on the air with us!

a blogger threesome, some might say.

virginia attends Goucher college in Maryland and their radio station is smart enough to let the world listen in via Real Audio.

if you would like to listen to virginia, kristin and i discuss death metal, gangsta rap, legalization, the internet, and proms, please follow this link at 11pm Eastern (8pm Pacific) and click the Listen Now link on the left.

You’ll be listening to “The Virginia Hawthorne Radio Show”.

and i will have a special announcement.

it will be good news, dont worry.

so tune in, ok?

i gave her some Tsar songs to play so lets cross our fingers that they get on.

anyway, yeah. tonight. rock n roll radio MD-style.

and let me tell you something, if you havent gotten the chance to hear Kristin Pony’s cute lil oklahomian accent, thats worth the trouble of downloading RealOne or Real Player or whatever it’s called these days.

I’m gonna download it for that myself.

virginia + real networks + madpony + click here for the radio show!

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