five inches

moe's of snow and hail dumped on south central last night, about a 20 minute drive from hollywood.

i blame the republicans.

the girl from last night is now asking me to get a cam. i told her i would if she doesnt paris hilton me.

she said she couldnt promise me anything.

shes pretty hot so i said id do whatever she wanted.

what do i care?

now shes saying she wants to drive down here from seattle and make a porn with me.

i said, why stop at one?

theres a freedom in not giving a fuck.

i think ive given up on giving a fuck. not in a bad way. in the best way.

who am i so worried about?

howard stern has shown that you dont have to give a fuck and you can still rule the world.

rush limbaugh has never given a fuck – other than by selling out to the right when it was trendy to do so – and he now gets to do bottles of pills, go to rehab for a few weeks and then get his old job back and not have to worry about prison, which is mostly filled with guys who got busted cuz of lots of drugs.

the president doesnt give a fuck about what the voters think, or about the UN, or anyone other than him and his people.

and now even the snow doesnt give a fuck where it lands.

so why do i run around caring so much?

that dude who got to f paris hilton doesnt give an f about her.

the Trib corp doesnt give an f about the Cubs winning the world series, else Pudge would be a Cub right damn now.

and why is it that im the only one who gives a fuck that our supermodel is in Thailand right now and she didnt have a place to stay tuesday night and hasnt updated since?

apparently i do give a fuck.

even if watts did freeze over.

flagrant disregard + spit circle + john & belle

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