special surprise belated birthday greeting from…



well long time no write, it is monday,

still recovering from Halloween,

certainly the most decadent chocolate filled holiday here in Aspen, no doubt.

I crossed over to the other side that night, for real.

The mushroom cloud exploded over Aspen and lingered for the following 24 hours or so, as we all just scratched our heads and nodded knowingly to each other. Woah.

(I’m the gothic looking one, yeah duh, and that is my milkmaid friend who just moved here from Hawaii, the new freshman class has just arrived in Aspen and I can’t wait to corrupt the new groms)

The first snows began to fall yesterday, and right now the top of the mountain looks like a luscious chocolate brownie sprinkled with powdered sugar, and I can’t wait to EAT IT UP!!!

Planning a trip to Whistler in 2 weeks so I can poach the stash of some early powder as well as smoke masses of B.C. buds. hee hee

Super sorry I missed your bday, hope it was one to remember, mine certainly was aaaah 23. Picture attached. I’m in the blue!!

Also some insane pics of fall here.

I never experienced anything like that.

It was like someone put a couple hits of acid in my coffee each morning, the trees the mountains, on fire with golds and reds.

I am convinced that there is not one bad season here.

write me when you have time and know that someone in Aspen loves you!!



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