today’s guest blogger

from country punk corvids fame

is no one other than mr. ken layne

It seems that the critics

all agreed:

‘This is bullshit’

But one typey-typer

grinned and snickered,

‘Or is it?’

He would type-type the most

type-typed ravey of rants

and Mike Myers would pull

down the type-typer’s pants!

‘A blowjob, a rimjob,

a dinky-donk-plo job,

you’ll get what you

truly deserve!’

And every movie page ad

in the Snap City Tribune

and the Goblin Heights Post

and the Bough Bubble News-Goon

and the St. Trickly Times

and the Goobertown Gazette

and even the Roggo Flats Daily Tourette!

Will all put the type-typey’s

rave up on the top

with his name big & proud

his words bold & loud!

and the name of his paper

right underneath that …

a paper so odd they called

it the Strib

like a lake-muckian critter

with the face of a squid

And the parents perhaps

not so smart-smart to know

so they say,

‘hey petunia, let’s go see a show!’

So they wrapped up the

little ones in wide winters wraps

and the diapers & dribble cups

went straight in the night sack

And off to the mulgi-plex

where they waited in the line

with the Beasleys & Weasleys &

Flat Footed Small Frys

And finally oh finally when

the door monkey yelped

they ran and they ran and the

fatter folks fell

and the small ones their faces

were so bright they lit

but five minutes later the

sad truth had hit

they were stuck at the movies

with a huge piece of shit!

ken layne + do youself a flavor and get the new corvids cd

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