danny graves who tried to start last season

but was 4 and 15, and is now back being the redlegs’ closer. strike one to uh ram iz.

strike one called to boos. aramis drives a single to center, crowd cheers. griffey throws it to second.

derek lee who is two for three. strike called. boos.

low in the dirt. a ball and a strike. drink.

organ gets a few keys pressed.

inside curve far inside. two and one.

strike swinging. two and two. cubs down by one. hard hit to left center. gasps. griffey has it.

barrett hasnt gotten a hit all day and of course in the middle of this drama chip caray says that this has been a wgn blah blah blah gotta thank the producer and the director and all the fine people at wgn and im thinking fuck you bro we just got this catcher fuck you bro what are you telling the fans. fuck you bro isnt that why we have credits why do the fine people at wgn get shout outs. lil kim is the shout shoutout of the day not the fine fucking people at gn. who are they anyway you fucking kiss ass.

this is why people hate you. this game went super fast. thank those fucking schmoes during the 10th Inning. fuck.

curveball outside. drink.

one ball drink and oh.

84. jim h.

way inside. see fucker. see. two and oh. we’re only down by one asshole. fouled away. only one out two and one. cubs down by one, fans. cubs have a good bench.

way inside. three balls and a strike. drink. do the asswipes sound excited? does a bear shit in the woods and wipe his ass with chip caray’s “talent”

grounder to short tosses it to first but valentine pulls his foot off first. safe at first.

todd hollandsworth comes up. hes a great pinch hitter. reds pitching coach don gullet goest to the mound. hollandsworth smashed a pinch hit homer yesterday. had one in atlanta as well.

hollandsworth was a marlin a rockie and a dodger.

first pitch grounder up the middle and the cubs lose but you couldnt tell from chip caray who calls it a beautifully pitched ball game and not the emotional tragedy that it was.

raymi is beautiful + bunnie has a nice long post + makeout city

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