for the first time today

kerry wood takes the mound with a lead. it’s two nothing there in the seventh.

big adam dunn with four homers is up with the count 1-1. woods curveball looks like a whiffle ball, a long shot to right a homer for dunn. the red headed kid throws it back to the cheers of the crowd but there goest the shuttout.

what did he throw back old style drinkers.

the home run ball.


freel pops to short for the first out of the seventh.

cubs two reds one. you can never tell the score too much. ryan wagner warms up for the reds. a pop out to second and there quickly the reds have two outs for wily mo pena.

a ninety six mph wood slider is fouled off. and then wood strikes him out.

jimmy collins from u of i chicago sings take me out to the ball game.

“take me out to the ball game

“take me out to the park?

“buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks” now two for one at rite aid, rite aid

“i dont care if i ever get back

“let me? root root root for the cubbies

“if they dont win its ashame

“cuz its one


“three strikes your out

“at the old ball game.

“alright cubs lets gets some runs

“lets get it going baby.”

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