i cant believe we’re at war.

nightline is showing chunks of todays invasion of falluja via al jezzerra. it makes me love television and hate our president.

apparently people actually live in falluja and we’re marching to the center of town. blowing shit up and killing anything that moves on the way in.

the tv commercials remind me that the nba playoffs are happening, that i could buy a lexus if i wanted to, or i could vacation down in san diego if i wanted some fun gambling. then im told about a pick up truck i could own.

ted koppel wishes me goodnight.

now theres a saab commercial. now im being told about the new ride at disneyland. no wait its for disney california adventure. now theirs a nissan ultima ad. and finally a reminder from oprah that shes going to take us into the lives of the olsen twins at one am.

no this war isnt about control over oil.

why would america need oil? for our lexus’s or pick up trucks or saabs or ultimas?

for our mini vacations to san diego or anaheim?

im taking a mini vacation to isla vista today.

im going to be the special guest star in aj’s college of creative studies class at ucsb.

no way did i ever think i would be able to sit in a classroom there again.

its very nice.

very very nice.

there will be no more updates today since its an early class and afterwards i get to have lunch with my favorite teacher in the world. and some great friends. on the beach.

for one day theres nobody luckier than me.

i promise i’ll try to be cool about.

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