i dont know how much more in love i could be with this burrito.

its a chipotle burrito. chipotle i believe is partitially owned by mcdonalds.

if you remember the second season of the Osbournes, ozzy became addicted to a particular burrito. it was the chipotle burrito from the beverly center in beverly hills, where i got this particular burrito from.

i get the shredded beef mild salsa black beans sour cream and cheese.

its a big fat burrito that lures you in with the spiciness and keeps you hooked with their magic ingredient that i can only describe as love.

when Senior Vista’s opens up in Isla Vista there will be a burrito that i will call The Ozzy which will be curiously similar to the burrito that i am nursing right now that i would marry if it could only clean up a little around the house.

if only chipotle toasted their burritos After they wrapped them for you, so as to lock in the magic and melt the cheese oh so slightly.

of course i will have to invent a post-burrito toasting machine that is curved but that will be the least of Senior Vistas worries.

getting closed down for having bikini girls working the happy hour keg will probably be my biggest hurdle

because i wont be hiring any bikini boys

thus sexism

thus a huge fight

thus i will have to pay off people to look the other way


martsanz + jarret house north + steph does south beach

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