it’s 91 degrees here in hollywood.

so of course it was the lead story of the tv news. they were all, starting off our Team Coverage is Joe Schmoe in Van Nuys.

“yep, its hot out here in the valley, melissa.”

arent we at war or something? wheres the team coverage of that? arent gas prices like $2.11 for unleaded? arent the lakers in the playoffs? arent the dodgers in first place? did nothing happen this weekend that is more important than the weather?

didnt like a million people show up in washington dc because this administration is still threatening to stop women from having the choice to have abortions?

isnt our actor governor trying to cut millions in public school funding to help pay for the $14 billion california state budget shortfall? wheres the team coverage on that? wheres the team coverage to explain why the governator wont raise taxes on the rich to pay off the $14 bill?

instead the local abc news station here in LA wants to tell us that its hot outside.

i think we fucking know its fucking hot outside.

it was fucking hot on friday and saturday and sunday.

most of us went to the beach and drank and praised Jesus for allowing it to be hot here in LA as thats the reason most of us moved here.

plus its the end of april. its ok for it to be 90 in hollywood and 100 in the valley and desert. seriously, its ok.

its not ok to have a guy recall a governor because hes fucking up and then continue to do what the president is doing, which is stick it to public schools and trying to run a government in the red while bankrupting our future.

and its not ok to tell women that they cant have abortions when not only is it none of your gd business what they do with their reproduction, but how many unwanted babies do you seriously want? so in ten years when theres another budget crunch do you seriously want those unaborted kids in schools that today you refuse to fund?

how about this, “good afternoon everyone, its noon on monday and oprah still hasnt been fined yet for telling america what a tossed salad is, im harold reems.”

or this, “hundreds of thousands marched on washington this weekend to protect a woman’s right to choose what happens to her body. we have team coverage for the reaction here in the southland.”

although i do have to tell you it is butt hot here.

reminds me of a roadtrip i took to arizona when i was in college.


dawn olsen + listen missy + mc brown saw the time

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