its a crisp 68 degrees here in chicago

home of the cubs who were a foul ball away from the world series last year.

jason la rue slams the first pitch to uh ram iz at third who takes it on a tough hot but rifles it to first for the reds’ first out.

wily mo is up yo and just like that its 0-2. kerry hangs a curve and wily mo drives it into shallow center and here comes lidle who bunts but derrek lee takes a risk and throws it to second, barret calls second, gonzo is at second and the force out is called what a play.

thats defense kids. that wont show up on sportscenter but its that shit that wins ball games.

jiminez lines it to second. for his third lineout of the day. kerry keeps his shutout going. we’ve got a pitchers duel here at wrigley.

alex gonzales starts it up for the cubs, yes what

he lined it to the pitcher who traps it with his knees and glove. maybe a foot from his family jewels.

sixty feet six inches is where that rubber is.

kerry wood digs in. one ball and a strike.

curveball wide for ball two.

keep drinking kids. keep drinking.

ball three, three and one.

drink again.

kerry fouls it and the count is full. i had a nice dinner last night with the girl. she didnt want to kiss me for some reason.

kerry grounds to larkin at short. now shes at the baking against bush rally in silverlake.

she and her friends made some baked goods and theyre selling them today and giving the money to kerry.

drink and think kids, drink and think.

todd walker to jimenez and thats it for the cubs in the fifth. three up three down and we’re scoreless going already to the sixth

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