rows of blue prada bags

blue wave

perfectly lined like little tin soldiers on the sidewalk. gucci clutches. bcgb wallets. this dude had everything and i was supposed to be the bad cop but i was feeling so damn good after my physical therapy that all i could muster was, wheres the good stuff?

the doctor earlier said i didnt have carpal tunnel. that i didnt have rsi. i just had a mild case of tendinitis and that everything i was doing was helping it.

i said will i ever play the piano again?

he said does the world need another piano player?

i said will i ever blog again?

he said, looks to me that you havent stopped blogging a bit.

and i blushed and i told him my little secret, which is the interns have been helping me out a bit.

and he said for me to let the interns do their thing for another week and during that week find another line of work where i wouldnt stress my hands so much.

and i said i fly chopper one.

and he said, i know you dont want to hear this tony, but youre not the only bad motherfucker who can fly that stupid helicopter.

and i said, yes but im the best.

and he said, i know that you dont want to hear this tony…

and i said, shut up

and he said, im serious

i said, nobody can fly that bird like i can

and he said, a long time ago i realized that even michael jordan’s ass is capable of being kicked from time to time.

and i said, ah ha, but it hasnt. noone has kicked mjs ass yet.

and he said, i know that you dont want to hear this tony, but youre no michael jordan.

at anything.

and i wanted to say something like, thats not what your wife said.

but it was exactly what his wife says

evolvers + the floss angeles lakers + clever hack

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