im realizing that im a bad loser.

mom to be the refs the refs. the fouls. the lack of fouls.

i know in my heart i should be respectful of ben wallaces uncanny knack for the loose ball. going up against a man twice his size and three times his weight.

i know i should feel good for larry brown who had to suffer the ignomy of the handful that ai must have been in philly.

but still i think to myself what would have this series been like if it was the pistons who had to walk on eggshells every time they went up to block a shot or drive the lane.

and i know that kobe proved how much different he is than michael jordan. jordan would have averaged 40 points and figured out a way to make a star out of someone else in the meantime.

but all kobe could do was force everything. all he could do was fumble and brick and remain frustrated by the seamingly perfect motown defence.

i want to give detroit their props but i cant.

those werent the four mvps that i was sold at the begining of this season.

where was the mailman?

where was the pick n roll?

what happened to dumping it into shaq?

and gp from oaktown, seemingly so perfect for this hollywood dreamteam, but never was he right for this team

the glove did not fit.

and since the glove didnt fit, it looks like everyones gonna quit.

phil hinted to it during the postgame, saying that his kids wanna hear him retire.

shaq hinted to it saying that he might leave even though he still has a year left on his contract.

only guy saying he wanted to stay was kobe who needs shaq so badly but simply cant take over a game the way mj did because for shaq to dominate like he can kobe has to give up the rock.

jordan never had that connundrum.

and poor shaq, he cant take over the play in the paint until someone passes the ball to him. no man is an island, but it must have felt that way for the big aristotle down on the low post, so close, yet without the ball, so far.

and i should be happy for the hapless city of detroit.

home of michael moore, kid rock, and eminem.

who for some reason dont want to ever leave.

and out of pity i do feel happy for the city of detroit.

because im a bad loser.

and if i was dr jerry buss i would sign ‘n’ trade kobe to orlando for tmac and grant hill because i bet you mcgrady could learn to feed the big fella.

and id try to figure out how to get antwan jamison from the mavs

because theres no rebuilding in lakerland.

thats what the clippers are for.

billy fro + kool keith + off wing opinion

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