hi vacation

hi tony, what are you going to do with me?

im not gonna go to work thats for damn sure.

i know but are we going to go to some far off isle or swimming or camping or exploring or touristing?


are we going to go to canada where because of the terrorists the price of weed has dropped significantly because they have a hard time sneaking it across the border and therefore theres far too much supply and not enough demand


are we going to go to new york city and blog about the rnc convention, and see first hand if indeed our president is a retard, im sure you could get credentials, youre tony pierce, this is the busblog!


are we going to go to chicago and watch the cubs on their march to their first world series championship since 1908

cubs are out of town

are we going to go to where the cubs are?


are we going to go to a movie every day during your vacation and review them all?


are we going to get laid on venice beach by a new tourist chick each day?


are you going to start a novel?


are you going to campaign to get your link higher on the google search for the word tony?

oh hells yeah.

are you going to have guest bloggers fill in for you while you rest your sore hands?

my hands arent sore.

are you going to shoot pool with flagrant at yankee doodles on the promenade?


are you going to go to vegas and live a week of sin followed by salvation?


please dont tell me that youre just going to sit around your house with a bottle of rum and watch tv and waste your vacation reading all the blogs on the innernet

i plan on having more than one bottle of rum

i hate you.

i will be hanging out with karisa today at sunset junction, like last year.

i love you.

you should.

when tsar played sunset junction + when sonic youth played sunset junction + mc brown’s pics from 2002