buffalo 66 is one of my favorite movies

vincent gallo is the man. people think i work at this tv station but i dont. one of my best friends works there and i used to hang out there a lot. once he showed me this long rant that vincent went on about mickey rourke and all these other actors. he basically called all these other actors fakers except for rourke.

im the biggest faker there is. this chick asked me about this blog the other day and said that she read in an interview where i said that i hold back a lot. i said, yes i do. i self edit like mad. theres a damn muzzle on this thing. shes was all, i would never know. i said its sad and true. she said then let go let it out and i said do you really want to read 20 posts about baseball? fantasy baseball? followed by 20 posts about fucking two mexican girls, one of whom translates this blog and puts it on her livejournal page.

the girl said i would skip over the baseball stuff. i said everyone would skip over all the stuff and if i ever wanted to get hired by anyone one day they would think i was a mad man.

when in chimed her sister who said, yeah when i found out i was going to meet you i thought you were going to be this pissed off angry bastard with a chip on his shoulder, but youre so mellow. soooooo mellow.

which i am. so i told her thats why you have to be careful about what you read and how you read it.

what are the agendas of the writers. whats going on for them. what are they selling. what ideas are they trying to shove down your throats.

the one said the la times doesnt have an agenda.

and i laughed so hard the horn section of the mariachi band asked me to take it down a notch.

today i took a bus through beverly hills. i was to have a root canal. my dentist had referred me to this guy who was two blocks away from rodeo drive. the strangest thoughts were going through my head. fine way to break out of being a cheapskate finding the Most expensive specialist you could probably ever get caught up with?

he sat me in the chair, took an xray and told me to come back on friday cuz we had gotten a “late start”. the dude was super tanned and had bright white teeth.

a slight massachussettes accent.

afterwards i sat in the jack in the box on fairfax and edited something that i want to publish and i was shocked at how much it didnt suck.

and one day i will have the courage of anti and gallo and raymi and bukowski.

does quentin tarantino have a blogspot blog? (buzzmachine via adrants)