what i love about my maid

is how she always leaves out something nice for me to wear that evening because she knows that i only call her when someone is about to come over.

but the cute part is how she always leaves behind a dress for anna.

she wants us to get back to gether.

i was up late last night and when we got home i went into the final editing of How To Blog.

bad idea.

i started ripping pages out. cutting posts in half. lighting certain chunks on fire.

its now just 87 pages.

so today im going to add things from 2004 to get it back to 150ish pages, but what ive seen from 2004 doesnt give me much hope.

my truest is coming over this morning. we’re going to go food shopping and maybe take in a film.

she got her hair did last night in venice and her hairdresser talked to her for hours because thats what its like.

once we sat in bed for an entire weekend talking.

werent really sitting.

and some sleeping was involved.

went over to kfc friday after work and the woman who works there told me it would be a four minute wait for the popcorn chicken

so i leaned against the counter and talked to her about chicken.

i told her that i liked zancau but that it was too dry.

her name is liana, she is armenian.

she was all, oh, zancau is armenian, its much different style than kfc.

and then she told me that you cant build a new kfc within a seven mile radius of another kfc.

and i told her i didnt think that was a good idea.

cuz i dont always want to walk a mile to get some popcorn chicken and a bucket for the weekend.

and she said, but we would miss you if you went anywhere else.

and i would miss them.

bears should beat the titans today by a touchdown.

jozjozjoz + mark phelan + nay’s getting her braces off in five days