gorilla mask was just another blog

not that long ago, thats the best part. ryan was funny, true, he had decent design, he had a few good things going on but i think even he would admit that it came across as what it was – something a dude in college did on the side when he wasnt beating off to american pie screen caps.

but recently the mask has evolved into a top shelf daily stop for those in the know.

even at his most crude, ryan perry has always had above average design and witty writing, but over the last six months the mask has hit a higher gear by trimming down on writing and bumping up the posts by picking the best links of each day.

this is a tricky segment of the blogosphere to compete in because there are several excellent blogs doing similar things with their own twists and speciaties: goldenfidle, gawker, low culture, pink is the new blog, stereogum, defamer, the superficial, and of course the granddaddy of them all fark

gorilla mask is my rss reader of all of the above. he plucks only the best fruits from the tallest and greenest trees and presents them to me along with spankable nude celebrity cameos nearly every day.

theres so much content on the main gorilla mask page that i have yet to find myself in need to visit his messageboards but one day i will be that bored. im sure. yes, one day.

which brings us to today. today the gmask made the announcement that we were all waiting for, the new Gorilla Mask Death Pool has opened its doors for the ryan perry year of 2005. like all good kings, rp doesnt acknowledge a year has begun until his birthday is celebrated, which means that the 2005 Death Pool wont start until next month, plenty of time to research which men and women you think will meet their maker over the next twelve months.

last year everyone picked pope john paul jr., myself included, and perhaps choosing scott weiland to meet his early demise was simply wishful thinking on my part, but i think i have an abe vigoda on my list right next to regis, andy rooney, and papa ratzi. ive found that it never hurts to have a pope on your death pool list, but what do i know, i never do well at these things.

anyway, much busblog love to the gorilla mask. if i ever had the inclination to change the design of this blog or to start a Lick for boys i would seriously consider ryan as the dude who designed it. either him or canadian rocker matthew good. or raymi.

excuse me now while i examine claudia schiffer in her natural enviornment of looking totally hot after all these years and not giving a fuck.

abe vigoda is alive + 1115 + riley dog

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