how can it onlyg b be 148

how could i have drank that much. why is it that i want to write about it.

sixteen plus six is what she told me and i was all baby im drunk the bible says dont drink until youre drunk and im drunk and she said sixteen plus six sixteen plis sex

of course i saw her at the centipede machine. every girl i know loves centipede i told her. she said something but i couldnt hear her since her friend kdtp shouting something ni my ear.

get the fuck away is apparently what he was saying but i get slightly deatf sometimes when im drunk all i can feel is the bass line all i want is the whole world and all that xbi training kicked in and its you me and rock

wanna oplay doubles

you cant play doubleds on centeabpede

sure you can lets play


lately ive been called some peretty funny things. sir is my favorite because i get that on the phone and i alwyas say this inst england this nbsnt france this is america call me what everyone else calls me, dumbfuck.

adn sure enough whe and i came back to the crib and there was some pboose levetf over and all was real nice like cuz everythings always nice like in the summer before

she said she lighted a candle for me and i said whats that and she said i read your thing the other day and i lighted a candle for you cyuz you asked everyone to do that and i did and i wanted to tell you that/

and of course her buddy tagged along and i said make him go get something and she said what what and first i thought a nice pie and then i though how about a six foot bong like what anti shas and then i thought how about ta atp a tpo a top hat.

she was all no lets make him get us something that he actually gocould get and i said i want a pie and dhe said is the house of pies still openm and i said i love you and she said is it and i said no sadly no and she said fine then lets make him get a six foot bong and when he got out fo the bathromm he was about to sit down adn dhe reached into her tiny purcwe and pulled out four or fice wtnties and said i reamlly want to get our little frined here good and baked so could you go to hollywoond blvd and get us a six foor bong

and then we can go home

and thats all it took and bro was out of the house and the great part about this part of the story is that nothing in here is truye right right k so she got op and started dancing right there right in front of me right wth the tv flickering through her lil white skirt white legs whit e thighs closed eyes

do not gdrink so that youre drunk i kept hearing which is good because as ive gottnm old ehr ive l;evned that sometimes its gooed to think of anything else excpet for the girl on tope of you. anything. its the catchiest of all the catch twenty twos aka sicksteen plys six

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