hi elian gonzalez

hi tony pierce. i mean leave me alone sir, i dont speak english.

oh come on bro. its me. tony.

i know, i just cant talk to you, we’re still celebrating my 5 year anniversary from when i was returned to cuba.

are people treating you well there?

of course, im a fucking star.

why do they have you dressed up like a campfire girl then?

dude its not the campfire girls, its traditional commie kiddie wear. they stole that shit from us.

looks gay. just sayin.

shut up.

so how they treating you down there?

like a damn king.


ok, like a prince.

anything you want you just snap your fingers?

i just think about snapping my fingers and i get it.

think of something.

ok im thinking about having a nice tall glass of rum and a half of a coconut.

what happened?

it didnt arrive.

ha ha.

now im thinking about executing the person whose job it is to read my mind.

uh oh.

yeah tony, shit down here runs smoothly cuz everyone knows their place. its one of the best parts of communism.

i always thought the best part of communism was never having to keep up with the gonzalezes

that too.

ok elian, im glad youre doing ok and everythings cool.

yeah its pretty cool. they say when fidel dies i might end up running this piece.

just remember your old buddy tone when you let major league baseball expand into havana.

will do, g.

sk smith + raymi + alecia + golden fiddle

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