see that white house

in the middle and slightly to the left.

red car parked right in front.

that was my house on 6850 del playa in isla vista. junior year.

greatest house i will ever live in and it wasnt even the best one on the block. that award goes to the professor who lived two houses over and one closer to the beach.

his was all glass with concrete addendums.

a hot chick drove over today to take me to the coin laundry.

i have to keep remembering that the good Lord doesnt want us to just live on dp once in our lives and then look back longingly, He wants us to keep kicking ass, and not someone elses dreams of beverly hills and runaway norweigan twins.

He wants us to say shit i didnt even know this dream existed

hawaiian so shes got nice lips.

but the last time i saw her i had all that stubble and shes a sensitive little pomme frite so today i see ive made her break out and she wouldnt let me kisser even though id shaved my whole damn head off

so i nuzzled my cheek up against hers real good like

made sure to let her know that someone had a banana in their pants and i was pleased to meet me.

6850 is a little less than a mile from campus.

in those days i skateboarded everywhere. but the thing about isla vista is a mile skate through town is dangerous on so many levels. obstacles like the burnt couches and lazyboychairs and bottles and passed out people

but there were also distractions like freshly tapped kegs, half built half pipes, two story bongs, the beach, the blondes, the burritos.

so when i lived on dp i rode my bike alot.

once upon a time when i lived on 6850 dp i went to bed listening to the pacific outside my window and some nights i would say my prayers right there in bed because i had sometimes found myself passed next to the bed because i had called it a night right there while praying.

i make sure to thank Him and back then that could go on for a while.

just like it will tonight.

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