before howard stern there was steve dahl

and before steve dahl there was disco.

there is a Lord and sometimes the good Lord puts the right people in the right places and everything works out.

the Lord in this example put Steve Dahl, the original “shock jock” in chicago at the same time that Bill Veeck was the owner of the Chicago White Sox. the white sox were the second fiddle to the cubs even 26 years ago, and Bill Veeck was an innovator even before then.

but in 1979 all the stars aligned for a double header against the detroit tigers. veeck had invited Dahl who had just been hired by the hard rock station WLUP “The Loop” to help promote an “Disco Demolition” night.

the way i remember it, if you brought in a disco album you got in for thirty three cents, and if you brought in a 45 you got in for 45 cents, but other people remember you getting in for 98 cents with a record as the Loop was 98FM.

“I was dreading the whole thing,” Dahl said later. “It seemed to me if I drew 5,000 people, I would be parading around in a helmet and blowing up records in what looked like an empty stadium.”

But the joint was filled with 50,000 rock fans who were hyped up for the festivities that were to take place inbetween games.

Comiskey Park at the time was hailed as being Chicago’s Biggest Tavern, as they served hard booze all over the park. you could get two shots, a beer, and a dog, just as easilly as you could get cotton candy.

after the first game had ended, Dahl marched out on the field and several boxes of disco records were wheeled out behind him. the crowd went nuts. the summer of 79 was the peak of disco fever, but for rock fans it was a low for what they loved.

the chant Disco Sucks echoed through the 70 year old stadium after Dahl blew up the first box of records.

the chant grew louder when he blew up the subsequent boxes.

and when he exploded the last, huge crate of records the drunken crazed crowed errupted and swarmed the field and started a near riot in the stands, setting everything they could on fire which wasnt difficult as Comiskey was built of wood.

Dahl, Harry Carry, even some of the players and managers pleaded with the crowd to calm down but disco apparently sucked and if it took a new Chicago fire to prove it then it was going to go down, and it was going to go down right there on the south side.

kids who couldnt get into the sold out event climbed the fences and there were too many people for the security to deal with, fires blazed in the seats, and the long haireds and their led zeppelin music won.

“I grew up when people were marching for civil rights, marching against the war,” said Michael Veeck, head of White Sox promotions at the time, and Bill Veeck’s son. “I didn’t think they would be marching because they hated the Bee Gees.”

the white sox had to forfeit the second game as both teams sped away in their sports cars, and rock and roll would live to see another day, while disco’s future had on that night, 26 years ago, seen its inevitable end in an evening that howard stern in all his glory has yet to eclipse.

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exclusive interview with raymi the minx

raymi says: buy my book! or at least mention it on yer blog

dumbass of america says: k
dumbass of america says: i was going to put it on the left hand side of my blog where jaime’s is. maybe if you can give me a brief interview i can put the interview on my blog

raymi says: sure
raymi says: ok so um you’ve been unemployed for awhile now right, or are you doing something?
raymi says: hello

dumbass of america says: hi
dumbass of america says: im not doing shit

raymi says: are u starting to go looney, cos i dont work either and it gets to you after awhile

dumbass of america says: yes

raymi says: can you elaborate

dumbass of america says: well i quit smoking weed after 10 years straight thats sorta loony, im not writing much, im not getting laid, i broke up with my hot gf who was young and sweet and perfect. thats looney. yes im losing my mind. good people should work

raymi says: are you having a midlife crisis

dumbass of america says: no, im just bored from not having a daily routine
dumbass of america says: midlife crises are for white people

raymi says: you should learn how to knit

dumbass of america says: thats so very trendy here in LA
dumbass of america says: so no thanks
dumbass of america says: its like driving a beamer

raymi says: ok then you should start a jumprope club

dumbass of america says: again, youre always ahead of the curve, raymi
dumbass of america says: brilliant idea
dumbass of america says: ps i love you

raymi says: thanks
raymi says:ok next question
raymi says: why do you always link anti and i together all the time, you know we broke up a trillion years ago and we are two separate entities altogether

dumbass of america says: actually i make a concerted effort not to
dumbass of america says: but sometimes i have to keep it real
dumbass of america says: you two have a similar thing going on
dumbass of america says: youre both rad
dumbass of america says: what can i do?
dumbass of america says: and youre both usually topless

raymi says: ok why is flagrant so punk rock? how can you be punk rock when you are anonymous?

dumbass of america says: excellent question
dumbass of america says: somehow she pulls it off
dumbass of america says: and you have to admit, the things she talks about sort of require her to hide her identity
dumbass of america says: do you read her much?

raymi says: sort of not really

dumbass of america says: who do you read the most?

raymi says: i get annoyed cos i cant see what she looks like

dumbass of america says: (say me say me say me say me)

raymi says: i read you and jamie

dumbass of america says: YAY!
dumbass of america says: fuck yeah!!!

raymi says: ok when are you going to grow your hair back

dumbass of america says: im dancing
dumbass of america says: hmmmm

raymi says: i think you should

dumbass of america says: im lazy so i like it shaved
dumbass of america says: you do?
dumbass of america says: but i will look like art garfunkle

raymi says: well i liked it best when it was sort of there but not huge
raymi says: fully bald is not sexy
raymi says: no matter what

dumbass of america says: your the first girl to say that
dumbass of america says: i was at a strip club in vegas and all the girls couldnt keep their hands off it

raymi says: thats cos they think bald guys are rich

dumbass of america says: well….
dumbass of america says: you know im loaded right

raymi says: no yer not

dumbass of america says: my treasure is in the kingdom of heaven
dumbass of america says: and its a big ass treasure

raymi says: oh that sounds so islam or whatever
raymi says: like ten million virgins

dumbass of america says: im thr0ugh with virgins
dumbass of america says: shit
dumbass of america says: i love em, but no more thanks

raymi says: no kidding

dumbass of america says: ps youre the greatest

raymi says: thank you

dumbass of america says: does fil hate me?

raymi says: no

dumbass of america says: does he think im trying to get wit you?

raymi says: no

dumbass of america says: good cuz im not

dumbass of america says: i dont have the energy

raymi says: you wouldnt want me anyway

dumbass of america says: you wear me out just looking at you do all the things you do

raymi says: im strange

dumbass of america says: i love strange
dumbass of america says: youre the perfect strange
dumbass of america says: i would bore you

raymi says: probably

dumbass of america says: id keep saying., dont touch that
dumbass of america says: take that out of your mouth. put that down. come here. go away. come here.

raymi says:i am really not all that exciting you know

dumbass of america says: do we have to do cartwheels?
dumbass of america says: no more threeways, im tired!

raymi says: i say silly things though

dumbass of america says: i think youd be way better for me than i am for you
dumbass of america says: but youd make me tired
dumbass of america says: and youd make me feel old

raymi says: i walk around meowing in a high pitched voice and the other day fil said ok you are seriously going to have to stop that otherwise we’ll be the first couple to break up over you making weirs noises

dumbass of america says: see, id love that
dumbass of america says: i get bored instantly
dumbass of america says: youd never bore me

raymi says: ok ill hold you to that

dumbass of america says: good, but also, im a sexual deviant
dumbass of america says: id dress you up in Little House on the Praire Clothes

raymi says: haha
raymi says: awesome

dumbass of america says: and make your read to me by candlelight
dumbass of america says: ok can i ask you questions now or must you insist on being the man?

raymi says: u can ask questions
raymi says: but u goota be quick because i have to go consume alcohol

dumbass of america says: raymi the minx you have a new book where youve published emails that people have sent you

raymi says: this is true
raymi says: i am also working on two others at the moment
raymi says: one a book of haikus
raymi says: and the other is a secret

dumbass of america says: kickass! do you answer any of their questions in this book or is it all their questions?

raymi says: i do not reply to any of them
raymi says: the emails are so bizarre and out there i felt having my respinse would only take away from them
raymi says: the emails leave the reader with a WHAT THE FUCK!?!? feeling

dumbass of america says: the cover and back look sort of like jaimes excellent book, which i fucking love. did he design this for you? i want him to design my new book, how much do youthink he would charge me?

raymi says: i dunno buy a bunch of his books?

dumbass of america says: how many emails do you get from strangers, on average per day?

raymi says: some days i get zero email
raymi says: when i take comments down i get a ton
raymi says: people have kind of given up on emailing me

dumbass of america says: do you plan a follow up book using the comments?

raymi says: no, theres too many to keep track of

dumbass of america says: what percentage of the emails that you get are about your nudity and or sexuality?

raymi says: and theyre already public
raymi says: 60 per cent

dumbass of america says: does that bug you?

raymi says: no

dumbass of america says: what question(s) bug you the most?

raymi says: repetitive ones. ie nudity

dumbass of america says: how often do you check your email?
dumbass of america says: what program do you use to check your email

raymi says: 5 times a day. gmail

dumbass of america says: why do nude quesions bug you?

raymi says: cos i get them all the time
raymi says: and people still dont get it
raymi says: i dont plan to put up a nude every day of every week, it’s all random, so i hate when people demand to see more
raymi says: and these people are usually anonymous douche bags which makes it way more annoying
raymi says: like fuck off dude, let me see you naked

dumbass of america says: have people sent in their nudes to you ever?

raymi says: a few

dumbass of america says: men or women?

raymi says: both

dumbass of america says: did you like it?

raymi says: sure
raymi says: sometimes guys just send pics of their dicks out of the blue
raymi says: and yer like, uhh thanks man

dumbass of america says: are you inviting people to send in their nudes to you?

raymi says: i never asked
raymi says: ok i have to go now

dumbass of america says: do women enjoy seeing random penises?

raymi says: its too hot in here
raymi says: when theyre single
raymi says: and there is no bf to walk in the room that goes woah woah what the fuck is that!??!

dumbass of america says: is Fil the jealous type?

raymi says: no

dumbass of america says: sowho cares then?

raymi says: well everyone is jealous to an extent
raymi says: im a jealous monster

dumbass of america says: why?

raymi says: cos i just am
raymi says: cos i am vain maybe

dumbass of america says: are you jealous of Fils relationships with his exes?

raymi says: ok i have to go for real now
raymi says: no not at all

dumbass of america says: final question

raymi says: im actaully meeting his ex gf right now

dumbass of america says: psss youre my hero

raymi says: thank you
raymi says: your a darling
raymi says: *you’re

dumbass of america says: ok tell me 5 records youre listening to

raymi says: new beck
raymi says: natasha alexandra
raymi says: feist
raymi says: new k-os
raymi says: blonde redhead
dumbass of america says:

final bonus question: the Goods, theyre kick ass kids, huh?

raymi says: totally we’re hanging with them tomorrow
raymi says: all week actually

dumbass of america says: tell them i say hey
raymi says: ok i will

dumbass of america says: thanks for the interview raymi
dumbass of america says: we love you here in LA

raymi says: no, thank you
raymi says: aww

dumbass of america says: dont change

raymi says: i wont

dumbass of america says: tell Fil hi too

raymi says: ok
raymi says: see you

raymi + jaime + dear raymi

its three fourty seven am

and since nothing in here is true lets rock

lately ive been telling people i know a little secret that i am equally proud of and a little ashamed of

for the last ten years i have been a daily pot smoker, and four days ago i quit, and im telling you because id be a hypocrite if i layed into people like the good professor for being a hypocrite more interested in image than truth and transparency if i was not totally transparent with you.

it all started on haight street in san francisco. i lived with a variety of young men, one of whom could always get his hands on the sticky green bud which i had smoked occassionally in college but never on a daily basis. but with him living right there any time i ran out i just walked over to his room and asked if he had any and if he was he’d sell me some and if he didnt hed get some for me when he got some for himself.

frisco was so lenient that often times we’d pass a joint as we walked down the street. we’d smoke in cars. we’d smoke in the park. we even smoked on couches of the warfield during a concert. in fact i volunteered as a doorman at the filmore and after the show they poured us beers and everyone lit up, which is san francisco at its best if you ask me.

over the years pot just became part of my daily life, like beer is to frat boys, or like makeup is to girls. its something i was constantly maintaining, always aware of.

the funny thing was, because of my experiences with the xbi starting in college, weed stopped getting me totally stoned after the first two years of use. meaning, the high was never all that high for more than an hour. and over the last five years it rarely lasted more than 15 minutes. but it had turned into a habit. something i definately did right after work during the weekdays and as soon as i woke up on weekends and holidays.

i also smoked out right before meals because if i smoked after a meal i wouldnt be affected at all. i smoked before i wrote, i smoked before i fucked, i smoked before i watched a movie or a tv show. i smoked before i started a task and i smoked as a reward after a task. one reason i didnt mind not having a car was because it was nice to smoke and get on a bus and not have to worry about anything. but the problem was, by the time i got off the bus my little high was gone, which was fine. that high was never anything i needed it was just always a little spice to whatever was going on.

there were times when i quit for a few days to see if i could. those were never big deals even though i thought about it constantly. when i went out of the country or visited my mom or went on road trips for work, or flew, i never took it with me because a)i never wanted to go to jail even for 15 minutes for something as lame as a 15 minute high, b)it would break my mothers heart if she ever got a phone call from me in jail and c)i considered trips good excuses to take little breaks.

also, and this is something that i totally relate with flagrant about, when i was on the road there was no “habit” as everything was new. therefore there was no ritual so there was no need for that bongload.

plus if i ever needed a substitute on the road there was always beer or rum.

dont get me wrong. im not writing this to secretly boast how cool i am that ive stopped this habit. and im certainly not saying that im ashamed of what ive done. i still love weed and i totally think that it should be legal because its a walk in the park compared to some of the wild shit that we allow in the hands of people: booze, cigarrettes, guns, cars, love affairs. and no way am i telling anyone to quit. im just telling you whats on my mind right now which is its 4:16am and in four minutes guess what id be doing.

im quitting because it doesnt work on me any more and all it has done for me over the last few years was eat at my memory which was fine with me, and eat at my wallet a little which again i couldnt care less about because money grows on trees, and put a haze around me which also was fine because i had grown used to feeling mildly retarded and i had found some weird comfort in that self-induced stupidity.

it had also helped my creativity. i truly believe that. yes im one creative fuck and a good rip of weed at the right time sent my thought flowing so fast at times that if i could harness it i could get into some great places that i probably couldnt get to sober. however sometimes those evelations were unmanageable and coupled with my a.d.d. prevented me from the initial task of writing shit down and describing the wave i was riding.

in order to reign that in i created twenty minutes with tony so that i could steer myself down the rushing rapids without getting lost looking at the sparkley things all around me.

these last few days have been equally bizarre and wonderful. wonderful in that im happier, more focused, and far more aware. and i feel great. it was common to get headaches after too much smoking and the fog that would get in my head sometimes felt like a selfimposed flu minus the barfing.

and also i have no appetite because i have trained my body to wait for weed before the meal so today for example i ate like four wheat thins and two peanut m&ms all day and didnt leave the house to get a burrito until 6pm, and i only did that because i have a sensitive stomach and i didnt want to eat way too late and fuck it up.

ten years of weed has meant ten years of munchies and late night eating and later night gorging. i have a belly that the girls call cute but has never made me all that happy and when i see pictures of myself or try on tshirts and see that fucking gut im not at all pleased. so not being hungry all the time has been a pleasant suprise that i hadnt expected.

and to be honest, i never thought that itd be this easy to turn my back on my second favorite habit, the first of course being writing.

so yes over the last few days i have experienced writers block. a while back i wrote a post about blogger burnout which is just an extended form of writers block. one of the solutions of writers block and blogger burnout, i wrote was to write something that youve been hold back. it is my belief that when youre blocked its because theres an elephant in the room and you keep trying to write about anything other than the elephant. that struggle stifles creativity and clogs the flow. which is why i keep telling you to quit telling your friends and family about your blog, or being not giving a fuck about them. same goes for your employer.

i had the greatest interview with my soon-to-be employer last week, as you know, and their general theme to me was they dont give a fuck about anyone. they just dont want to be bored. they want to constantly try new things, constantly evolve and constantly be punk rock in keeping it real. we laughed and talked for a half hour and people were shocked because apparently they eat candidates up in interviews.

am i nervous that they might read this and say shit we dont want some dude who was a pot smoker for so long and dumb enough to admit it on his blog? yes im a little nervous but im more nervous about turning into a pussy ass sellout bitch whose fears run him instead of his ideals.

the older i get the more i sell out and i fucking hate that and i fight it and i beat it at every turn. i keep telling you how much i admire anti and flagrant and raymi and its because theyre not afraid to be punk rock and show you that they dont give a fuck what you think. theyre going to take off their clothes and smoke weed and cut themselves and write about it for everyone to see. not just for the sake of being an exhibitionist but to add their take on life on earth. and when you edit who you are out of fear you have stopped telling your story and you have lost your edge.

the instapundit is so easy to take apart because his fear to show both sides overwhelms him and makes him completely vulnerable for criticism. hes my favorite blogger because i see myself in him. in that fear. i see myself in his mania to write write write, and to do it in a public way. i feel bad that hes trapped by his own success because i know that if he wasnt making six figures off his ads he would probably be more willing to change shit up, but how can you turn your back on all that lucre when you have a family a mortgage and all the trappings. but the truth is if he was as balanced as he probably wants to be he wouldnt lose that many readers cuz the truth is his readers are such sheep that theyd stay.

drudge is far more balanced than he was years ago and his popularity has not diminished despite the throngs of competition that has come along with the boom of blogging. and kos, although plainly partisan has the most popular political blog despite being critical of his own party when that is indeed the story of the day.

most writers would say at this point “but i digress”, but i havent. we all have our bad habits. and im here to say that some are easier to kick than others. we all know that we should be healthier with our minds bodies and actions and im here to say that im trying to lead by example. and im also here to say that this monkey is not only off my back but now its gone to heaven.

the key to it all, believe it or not, was the blogging that i did at work. remember my two biggest habits were weed and writing. i never got high before work or at work. therefore all the posts that i wrote there was done sober. and many of your favorite posts were done during those 15 minute breaks or during my lunch hour.

as i kept struggling with the demons who whispered that i needed a nice bong rip in order to write well these last few days, i kept reminding myself that i wrote great things without the weed, i can still write without it. its all in the head. mind over chatter.

but i was still stuck until i realized i was super pissed off at my favorite blogger for being a pandering myopic tool playing a very small supereasy game that’s beneath him

and that i had to come clean about the easiest thing that ive had to do this summer which was kick the habit

both were tough to write because glenns a human being with feelings and cuz some people might take what i write about weed the wrong way

but sometimes joel you have to just say wtf

and if you cant say it in a gayass blog then youre worthless

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